Imagine how your life would look

like if you overcame what is 

holding you back?







Do you experience any of these in your personal or professional life?



  • Constant reactive mode 
  • Experiencing the feeling of "spinning your wheels" without a clear direction
  • Not finding meaning in what you are doing
  • Living on autopilot,  feeling empty without purpose, or unhappy
  • Inability to quiet your mind
  • Being consumed by a negative cycle of thought and worst-case scenarios
  • Wanting to run away from everything, and start all over again
  • Sensing you are sabotaging your own success
  • Struggling to find the best version of yourself
  • Having a hard time managing your emotions
  • Feeling you are carrying so much weight in your shoulders
  • Thinking you have missed your life 
  • Lacking  motivation
  • Feeling choiceless, stuck, lonely or unmotivated
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety
  • Getting triggered very easily
  • Having trouble in your relationships
  • Feeling burned-out or drained  
  • Sensing that everyone wants a piece of you
  • Not thinking outside the box
  • Continuing  to do the same thing and expecting different results
  • Being stopped by Fear from doing what you desire
  • Feeling that something is missing in your life
  • Being in constant confrontation with others
  • Feeling like you are in a rat race 
If you answered YES to any of the statements above, it is time to realize that you don't have to live that way.
It is not normal. You can get out of it and live fully!

The solution to getting out of what you are negatively experiencing, disengaging from your autopilot behaviours, breaking through your conditioned thinking, and living a purposeful, happy life is to raise your consciousness. This is done by looking within, increasing your self-awareness and your self-knowledge.

When you raise your consciousness, you dive into a journey of self-realization in which you will ultimately find greater well-being, love, happiness, peace, purpose and fulfilment.

What do you decide to do? Do you want to continue having your negative experiences and living from the programmed perspective that is limiting you?

Or are you ready to quantum leap to your possibilities and transform your life?

What are you waiting for to transform and live your best life?


You deserve your life to be exactly the way you desire it. You can live your best life in every aspect, whether personal, professional, or spiritual!

I have heard from my clients that working with me makes an immediate difference in their lives, and if you are open, I can help you and make a difference in your life too and coach you so that you overcome your negative experiences. I can help you to overcome what is holding you back from maximizing your potential and living your best life.

You have the power of your mind, and you can use it to transform your life! Let me support you through my Signature Coaching Program.

Contact me, and let's start the conversation and together discover your possibilities.

You'll begin the path to self-realization by working with me, and you'll connect to your heart and align to your spiritual self!



What my clients are saying about working with me



Highly recommend Claudia as a personal / leadership coach. Working with Claudia was a life changing experience. She has impacted my life, my relationships and career in many ways. She has this keen ability to uncover deep rooted limiting beliefs and fears. Through my coaching sessions, I developed a heightened awareness of my conditioning and ego. Thank you, Claudia!!! for your valuable insights and support which allowed me to lift the veil, so to speak, and live awake.

Renato Aquino - Manager Reliability, Shovels and Tracks 



I would recommend Claudia’s coaching services to anyone looking to tap into their own self growth capabilities. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight that she delivers in a very palatable format. She really helped me jumpstart my professional and personal development journey and I am very grateful. 

Oliver Greenberg, PMP Business Process Manager



Two words come to my mind, when I think of Claudia's presence in our weekly coaching sessions: Truly compassionate and engaging. Claudia's intuitive listening skills and challenging yet reflecting questions allowed me to explore new opportunities. She walks the talk and guides you very naturally in her coaching sessions. I may recommend Claudia to organizations and individuals that are interested to find sustainable strategies for growth and a fresh leadership approach.

Gertraud Eregger - partner Acquisition and HR Strategist



I have had the pleasure to work with Claudia, one on one in leadership coaching. What more can I say but WOW and AMAZING!!! She helped me to realize that I am a strong and powerful women. She guided me to recognize things about myself that I had no idea that I was doing, which helped me to increase my confidence. I would highly recommend her to anyone or any company. Beautiful inside and out!!! Thank you for the coaching, empowerment and advice!!.

Sharon Knapp, Warranty Manager



"Claudia is an incredible leadership coach that I had the opportunity to work. Her intuition, fearlessness, and genuine caring allow her to challenge and support me in an amazing way. With Claudia's guidance, I uncovered long-standing beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my potential. I was able to change my views to support my goals and am moving forward towards the life I've dreamed of. I highly recommend working with Claudia!"

Lisa Petkovsek - Founder of Career Balance Coaching



“I was stuck and did not feel as though I had a consistent approach. Claudia helped me work through the process to clarify my ideas. Claudia’s knowledge and experience were a tremendous help in our coaching sessions. She has the ability to help you see what you are avoiding and hold you accountable for it.  She has the ability to help you get back on track by addressing what is blocking you from moving forward. Claudia was also a great help working with me on my mindset and perspective.  

Robyn Holloway - Director and Co-Lead of Women In Leadership


You deserve your life to be exactly the way

you desire it. You can live your best life in

every aspect of it, personal, professional,

and spiritual!


If you're ready to commit to living your best life and getting out of your own way, if you are ready to experience a sustainable transformation, attain fulfilment, confidence, and the ability to achieve your dreams, let me help you!

It is possible to live in the way you imagine. Let's have a conversation.

Don't wait any longer to start truly living your best life and attain self-realization!

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