Challenges in the business world

require a new level of thinking

in order to obtain effective

and sustainable results!





Do you see any of these in your team or team member?



  • Lack of enthusiasm, creativity, motivation, and engagement.
  • Low employee satisfaction and high turnaround.
  • Discfunctional comunication.
  • Disconnection and misalignment.
  • Stress, anxiety, overwhelming, or burnout.
  • Constantly reacting and not adapting quickly to change.
  • Meetings are not effective or unnecessary.
  • Lack of collaboration, everyone is pulling their own way.
  • Not seeing the big picture.
  • Lack of prioritization and effectiveness with their time.
  • Lack of desirable results
  • Poor mental health skills.

Do you see any of these in yourself as a leader?



  • Frustration with your team and losing your patience.
  • Feeling that you are babysitting your team members.
  • Not having time to do what you need to do.
  • Struggling with life balance.
  • Feeling unmotivated.
  • Reacting without time to being proactive.
  • Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or burnout.
  • Having multiple initiatives and priorities, while managing own expectations.
  • Being pulled from different directions.
  • Feeling you are carrying your family and your team on your shoulders and there is no space for you.

If you answered YES to any of the statements above, it is time to realize that you and your team can work and live differently.

There is a way out, and it is by mastering your mind and starting to take conscious actions.
But, did you know most people know about the power of their minds, but they don't know how to use it effectively?
Here is where I come in to help you through any of my programs.
I will teach you how to leverage the power of your mind, get the results you want and enjoy mental wellbeing.
You master your mind by reprogramming yourself, raising your awareness, increasing your emotional intelligence, developing mental presence, overcoming fears and strengthening your self-governance.
To get the results we want, we need to understand what's happening in our minds and learn how to use it effectively and with purpose.
When you learn how to leverage the power of your minds, you and your team will get the results you want. I promise you that!

I provide corporations different solutions that adapt to their needs



1- One-on-One Conscious Leadership Program

It's a 12-week  program. Further, to help you achieve the specific results you desire to succeed in your career, you'll get tools, tips and processes that will help you master your mind and develop objective thinking.

By working with me in this program, you will develop the soft skills of Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness, skills that are essential to thrive at work and you'll use them for the rest of your life.


2- Group Program

It's a 10-week  program designed to provide the tools necessary to develop mental presence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and intentional communication. These skills are essential to highly perform at work and enjoy mental wellbeing.

This Program is a blended approach, online video training, group sessions. 

3- One Day Workshop

Through this workshop, individuals will have the knowledge and tools they need to get the results they want and leverage the power of their minds.

This workshop is designed to teach your team the principles of self-awareness and mental presence. They will obtain tools and processes to master their emotions and get out of their own way.


4- On-demand 2 to 4 Hours Workshops, Such as:

  • How to eliminate stress to enjoy mental wellbeing
  • How to overcome fear to thrive in the workplace
  • How to obtain the results you want by using the power of your mind
  • Mind your mind for your success
  • How to best manage change
  • Tools and Tips to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Learn and use the principles of intentional communication
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What my clients are saying about working with me


Claudia hosted a workshop with the senior leadership in Canada recently. It was an enlightening session, reminding us to turn off the auto-pilot in our brain and focus. By consciously making choices we can redirect our decision-making process to achieve more. She reminded us that not making a choice is also a decision, one that we unconsciously make. So why not take over, focus and make choices that will help you be a better you? Thank you Claudia for reminding us that we can change our behaviours.

Regina Brodersen, - Human Resources Manager at Convirgent Technologies

Claudia has a unique background combining technical business gained through work and formal education and her personal experience of getting to know oneself and discovering what's important to each of us.  Claudia's teaching can help management teams reach a deeper understanding and how we relate to each other and give us a valuable perspective of ourselves and others. Claudia's teachings prepare us to get the most out of new occurrences when we meet people for the first time or encounter new emotional situations with those close to us.

Our management team was taken aback and surprised with their first group session with Claudia. I think the words I remember hearing were, "wow.. this is learning for my life much more than just work stuff."

Kenneth Bingham - CEO at ACM Facility Safety

To have patience, tolerance, empathy and compassion are not traits that come naturally to most people as it relates to our day to day work tasks. Understanding why people make the decisions they make related to work and life will help you get the most from yourself and your team. It was an absolute pleasure having Claudia provide coaching to our Building Technologies Team here at Crestview Group. We achieved immediate success with goal setting and with each session were able to reflect on what we were accomplishing. On a personal level I find Claudia to be caring, understanding, sympathetic, and thoughtful. My one on one sessions with Claudi have helped me to understand why we do what we do, and has allowed me to look at my job, my team, my co-workers and life in general from a whole new perspective. 

Jason Davison - Vice-president at at Crestview Group Ltd. 

Claudia is an amazing leader and coach! She ran a customized workshop on Minding your Mindset for Success to a group of graduate student at the University of Calgary. She has a very warm and calming demeanour, and make a very comfortable environment for us to learn and grow in. Her workshop on bringing awareness to our mind and actions was excellent, and she left us with tangible action items to improve our approach with everything. Highly recommend this workshop! 

Jason Abboud - Sustainability Consultant

I personally found the Women in Leadership session very valuable. It really opened up my thoughts and expanded my mind on realizing that there are a lot of factors to consider, such as your own personal growth, goals, mindsets and others (co-workers) in the work place. The portion I think many people- not just women could capitalize on for their own personal growth is what you called Emotional Mastery. It really dives in depth on communication with others and empathy, which most people only think of the "me, here, and now." Where you offered us the skills and invited us to think of the overall picture to help us realize our values and envision our goals.

Participating in the women in leadership session really made me a more conscious person in the work place and in my own personal life, and giving me the awareness to have a thought out road map on my own goals, values and mindset.

Justine Kolody - Project Manager

First off I would like to that you for an amazing day of self learning at our Delco office in Calgary. I have been practicing what I have learned everyday since. I wake up every morning looking at the positives in my life and I take on every situation knowing I can do whatever is put in front of me with less stress and a calming state of mind. I have really been working on not letting things stress me out as much as they may have before by relaxing, meditation, eating healthier and always reminding myself that I do have a choice to feel a certain way, its all how I take what is given to me in a day. I recommend Claudia's workshop to any company that wants their teams to change their mindset, open their minds to possibilities, to get out of their own way. And approach their day-to-day with a calm mind, without stress and emotional reactions that benefit how we approach our personal life, our work and our performance.

Adam Jamieson - Account Representative

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