Wake Up! 

There is no better time than now 

to control your mind and

get out of your own way!


Claudia Velandia Best Selling book

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It's time to wake up to live your best life, no more excuses!



Everything you are experiencing stems from your own subconscious programming and Wake Up! will teach you how to get out of your conditioning. Learn how to control and consciously direct your mind.


In this practical how-to book, you will:

  • Stop the limiting influence of your unconscious brain

  • Start to change your autopilot programming

  • Train your mind to have the right mindset in a world full of negative

  • Stop living your life from a fearful perspective

  • Become emotionally intelligent and manage your emotions

  • Live your life aligning your body, mind, heart, and soul

  • Get practical tools and skills to do the inner work

Stop reacting to your life and start living it!

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Top 5 Reviews on Amazon


Struggling to take a leap of faith....

"If you're feeling stagnant or know someone in your circle that is having a hard time striving for a better life but is ready to take a leap I would highly recommend this book.
It is the type of book you're going to want to go back and read again and again.
Like someone previously stated "It is a true wake up call!!"
Love how she began with the function of the brain then went into depth of the mind and soul. All in all this is an awesome book!!" 

- Selene

Everyone should read this book!!!

"Claudia is masterful at explaining how the "Illusion of control" affects our lives. There are simple exercises to determine your own ego's Achilles' tendon. Claudia provides REAL solutions for those who find themselves at war with themselves in the battle of the Ego. I am busy. This book reads fast AND fascinating. I BOUGHT 5 COPIES FOR MY FRIENDS! JUST READ IT! ps. Thank you Claudia for publishing your brilliant insights into a new freedom of the mind. Brightest Blessings from Sedona."

 - Anna Decker

Must read if you are in a self discovery journey!!!

"This book has raised my consciousness and inspired me to continue my journey of enlightenment.
I truly enjoyed reading the book, the author gives meaningful explanations in addition to exercises that will help you align with your true self.
Thank you Claudia for your efforts to raise consciousness through your experience." 

- Raul G

This book is one of the best books that I have read in relation to explaining some complicated concepts in a very common-sense way.

"I have read numerous books in relation to these concepts and this is one of my favorites because of the down to earth explanation making it easy to understand how to implement the concepts. I like the real life examples that really help to drive home the key points. After a successful business career in the Aerospace industry I believe we are not satisfied unless we keep striving to continually improve ourselves and our lives." 

- Tim T

The perfect alignment of body, mind, spirit, and success!

"A motivational book done right! It's clear, simple, well-organized, and it made we want to get out of my chair and live a better life! Wake Up! Is all about how to get out of your own head and start improving your life. This book is great for anyone who feels like they're too hard on themselves, they can't turn their mind off, or they feel over-emotional. It's a great affirmation guide to help you find the right questions to get your mind and motivation back on track!"

 - Jake Gunnoe

Wake Up! will take you on a journey of self-realization in which you'll discover a higher level of consciousness and ultimately find greater well-being, love, happiness, peace, and purpose.



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