I help you to uplevel your performance 

and maximize your potential by mastering

your mind and raising your awareness. 


I help you feel a heightened sense of purpose,

fulfilment, peace and joy by connecting to

your heart and your Higher Wisdom.

With love,
Claudia Velandia

Do you know that you are programmed and living your professional and personal life as if on autopilot?



 Most of us don't realize that we have been living our life as if on autopilot. Since we were little, we have been creating a program that runs on our mind outside of our awareness and informs our view of ourselves, the world and the actions we take.

This program, which all of us have, is our belief system and includes our fears.

As we go about our life, things happen in the outside world, and we quickly interpret through our program, and automatically we make a decision, give meaning, and react from our subconscious perspective.

There is another aspect of ourselves that prompts us to react as if on autopilot; it is our ego.

Our ego is the image of who we believe we are and our roles in our lives. Our ego also filters the perspective of our circumstances, others' behaviours and the view of our world.

We continue to seek results, do our professional work, and create our personal lives without conscious awareness of our subconscious programming that is governing our lives. We are not aware of our ego and its impact on our choices and way of living.

Our programming and ego inform our actions. Our actions create the results we see in our personal and professional lives.

If we are not experiencing the results we want or what we desire in our lives, it is because we are on autopilot. We are living from our subconscious programming, reacting to life.

Our conditioning and ego also prevent us from experiencing a heightened sense of love, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

How can we get out of our programming and direct our ego to get the results we want?


The solution to getting out of our conditioned minds, disengaging from our autopilot behaviours, stopping our suffering, and living purposeful, joyful lives is to embrace self-awareness and self-exploration. We do it by mastering our minds, reprogramming ourselves, developing emotional intelligence skills, mastering our triggers, and overcoming our fears.

It is done by getting to know ourselves at the core, connecting to our hearts and aligning to our true nature.

It's time to stop living on autopilot, take control back,

and obtain the results you want in your professional and personal life by mastering your mind! 

I have created a signature program that adapts to your needs and helps you get your desired results.


My 12-weeks signature conscious leadership program is an online video course blended with my best-selling book and individual sessions.

Further, to help you achieve the results you desire through my program, you'll get tools, tips, and processes to help you master your mind and live your best life.

Through my program,  instead of living on autopilot and reacting from a conditioned and egoic mindset, you will:

  • Make conscious decisions
  • Direct your thoughts and master your emotions
  • Communicate intentionally and with confidence
  • Understand your belief system and decision making
  • Respond to your circumstances and other people's behaviours
  • See opportunities in every undesirable situation
  • Develop mental presence and resiliency
  • Have quality professional and personal relationships

Skills and Benefits People Obtain From my Signature Program





  • Increase your productivity 
  • Outside the box thinking. 
  • Self-motivation. 
  • Greater self-confidence & self-value. 
  • Intentional influencer. 
  • Effective in any relationship. 
  • Unblocking limitations.
  • Deal easily with change and uncertainty.
  • You know why you do what you do.

Master Your Mind


  • Gain new & different perspectives. 
  • Create new possibilities. 
  • Build resiliency and resourcefulness.
  • Highly performing. 
  • Manage change with ease. 
  • Increase your proactivity. 
  • You are in control of your mind.
  • Respond intentionally to any difficult situations.

Emotional Intelligence


  • See opportunities in challenging situations.
  • Higher critical thinking skills.
  • Effectively overcome life's challenges with ease.
  • Making better decisions under pressure. 
  • Higher engagement and collaboration.
  • Manage any situation with an open and calm mind.
  • You act consciously and with purpose.

Self-Governance and 



  • Inner strength. 
  • Perseverant and committed follow-through. 
  • Trust in yourself. 
  • Break down old paradigms.
  • Time management and priority setting.
  • You commit to living your best life and doing your best work! 

Mindfulness, Mind Presence


  • Increases creativity. 
  • Self-control & self-management.
  • Greater mental & physical wellbeing. 
  • Positive attitude. 
  • Enjoy inner- peace, happiness & fulfilment. 
  • Connect and align to your spiritual self and higher wisdom.
  • You live fearlessly, courageously & wholeheartedly.

Here are the Three Simple Steps to Help You thrive in Your Professional and Personal Life

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